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There are a number of sports at the University of Hull that are female only or mixed gender sports. However, there is no identification that links women to that sport at social events.

I wish to raise the issue of club colours only being available to male members of sports teams. As a female, and female members before myself, we have only been able to witness the club tie and what it means to belong to a sports club. I believe that only club colours being available to the males of sports teams belittles the involvement of women in mixed gender sports and ladies-only sport clubs.

For equality purposes, I would like to propose an equivalent form of club colours for females to wear that could be purchased from Hull University Union. The equivalent form of club colours is a silk scarf that could be purchased from the University Union. I believe that this could be an exciting transition for equality in modern mixed gender sports, female sports and an improvement in inclusivity.

I whole heartily agree with this proposal, I believe this should be implemented as soon as possible.


I think this is a fantastic idea; the inclusion of women within sports teams is vital, and having a silk scarf would allow women to enjoy the full feeling of being a part of their team. This should be put in place imminently!

by FRED B.

This is a fantastic idea, a way for women to be included into the social fold, this should be spread around campus like wildfire.


This is a great idea for furthering inclusivity for women in sports teams. Hope it's given the consideration and implementation it deserves!


This is a great idea, I'm surprised it hasn't been thought of already, Hull Uni should be ahead of the game on these things! 


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