Some areas have one or two vegan options but the food is very repetitive, it's also not often well advertised.
This wouldn't just benefit vegans but people with lactose intolerance, allergies etc and people that may want to start making healthier, more ethical or more environmentally friendly food choices.

I agree that that there should be more options that are vegan


I’d like to see more vegan options but also vegan and gluten free options. There is only 2 options that I know of that are both and if they sell out (which they do seem to do pretty fast) I’m usually left with nothing to eat on campus which can be a bit frustrating. More vegan options please!

by Hannah B.

I would love to see more vegan options, I agree that what is currently offered is very repetitive and being gluten free myself there is even less I can eat. I usually bring my own food to university because of it but would happily spend my money on campus if I could! Having access to tasty plant based food also encourages non vegans to choose healthier, more ethical meals.

by KATY D.

More vegan or dairy and gluten free combined foods. There tends to be the odd gluten free thing but then they are not dairy free. Please! Can only really drink coffee on campus!


02/02/2018: Completed

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