Sat, February 16, 2019 - 07:29
A rethink of the bus pass for UoH Students
Submitted by ASHLEY P.

Although Hull is not the largest city, not all of it's student community live within the "traditional proximity" to the university. I know of students who walk at least an hour to get here, and from what I have been informed by my mature student community, it deters many prospective students from other parts of Hull and the local area to come to the university.

EYMS provide a great service with their bus passes, but can this be extended so that ALL UoH students are eligible for subsidised or free bus passes?

**UPDATED** 8/11/2018<br />
The University pay a discounted fee for these passes from EYMS. I followed this up by enquiring to EYMS directly as to whether this discounted rate could be offered to all students. Unfortunately, I was told that this would not be financially sustainable for them, as they still need to make money to run their service.<br />
A discounted rate for all students was deemed unfeasible by EYMS. Following on from this I have considered how Bus Passes are paid for and had concerns around the 18 and 36 week bus passes. We have students who study here over summer and this system doesn&rsquo;t account for them, with 16 weeks not being covered in the current Student Bus Pass scheme offered by EYMS. This is something that I intend to follow up, but believe to be a practical and achievable change to ask for.

by Tom McNamara

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22/11/2018: Completed

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