Sat, February 16, 2019 - 07:19
Publish a list of booked and unbooked rooms
Submitted by MONTGOMERY C.

Each week, have a spreadsheet or list of rooms that were and were not booked by societies published by either the university or by room bookings department. This would make it easier for larger societies that need more rooms for activity groups to be able to book an appropriate number of rooms for its members. It also clears up any misinformation about the availability of rooms that may be communicated between room bookings and the societies.

- An update from Salman - HUU Education Officer:

"To make it easier for societies to book rooms we have now opened up Feren's Building. We are now looking at the possibility of opening up other university buildings in the very near future. These additional rooms will be available to book via the usual room booking form on

We have also been working with the University to ensure that room spaces are available to book fairly by all societies.

At the moment we are unable to complete the recommendation suggessted about publishing lists of available rooms, however we will continue to explore how we could implement this in the future.

Hopefully the changes we have made will make room bookings much easier for all societies."

by Salman Anwar

As a member, and former exec., of one of the largest societies on campus I am well aware of issues with rooms. Anything that can support or help these and other societies moving forward would be great

by LEE M.

21/12/2017: Completed

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