Quidditch has taken off as a sport in recent years on both a national and international level. The UK's national governing body, QuidditchUK, holds regional competitions annually for both professional and Uni-level teams. Hull has hosted competitions in the past, but we don't as yet have a team of our own, and the casual society that once existed has sadly declined. I therefore propose a new, more permanent society for aspiring professionals and casual players alike.
Training would be run in the same way as they are for other sports, with casual and professional training sessions held at different times during the week. The necessary equipment (brooms, hoops etc) can be found relatively inexpensively online, and being a university, I'm sure discounts would be applicable.
This society would provide students with a unique way to get involved with Uni sports, socialise with new people, and get competitive.
Thank you for reading. If you agree with me, please support this idea! :)

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11/10/2017: Not Plausible

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