Some of us choose sit in Haven’s quiet room for a quiet place to go in free time, mostly (for myself at least) for difficulties such as noise sensitive or sensory overload due to things such as autism. However, the vast majority of the time the room has people treating it as any other common area, talking louder and louder to hear their friends over everyone else. Even when empty, it’s no better due to relentless volume of the music. I’m sat in there as I type this and I’m struggling to piece together words as my brain is fried by my surroundings that were supposed to be an area specifically for people who prefer or need a quieter/calmer environment. I know there are limits to what can be done and enforced but simply putting up a poster saying “this is a quiet space” isn’t enough. A couple suggestions would be to turn down/off the radio and maybe fit carpet to remove the sound of chairs being dragged across the hard floor (can be genuinely painful at times).

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