As a mature adult nursing student travelling over from Scunthorpe I like to try and save money by bring food made from home. Usually I bring either salad or sandwiches but by the time it gets to dinner time they are not very fresh. It would be nice to have somewhere that you could store your food during the morning so that it stays chillled. Also it would be nice to have somewhere with microwaves so that we could heat food up brought from home so we don't have to have cold food all the time.

They have microwaves on the first floor of the student union


Although there is one area that has a microwave (first floor students union), I think it'd be beneficial to have more areas with microwaves available such as the library cafe. A refrigerator would be very handy to have as there is currently no access to one at all. Again surely this could be put into or near the library cafe where staff could monitor it.

by Charlotte M.

16/11/2017: Not Supported

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