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Within the School of Education and Social Sciences there are many courses without a course rep. My idea is to make the application process paper based ones the formal application process has ended. This could encourage students who may be unaware of the current application process. This could also be team with current course reps attending AST meetings and explaining their role. I have spoken to several lectures and course reps from the education department who would be happy for this additional step to be taken. The paper based form could be immediately filled out by the students who are interested, increasing the number of current course reps, and subsequently increasing the student experience.

Many thanks for submitting your suggestion on how to increase course rep numbers.
Students are able to sign up to become a course representative all year via the following link:
This is a quick and simple form for students to complete and allows us to immediately capture all the required data so we can communicate with new reps and share details with the relevant School/Faculty. This process was agreed at the end of last year to replace any paper based nominations and has received positive feedback from both students and staff.
We are of course always open to suggestions on how to engage more students with our rep system and to encourage them to become reps. If you would like to discuss any of your ideas further, please contact your Faculty rep, Katie Hobson ([email protected]) or contact us on [email protected]

Thank you so much for all your work and commitment as a course rep, we really appreciate it.


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