Sat, January 19, 2019 - 04:23
Turn on the heating in Foss Building
Submitted by William M.

Now that we are upon the essay and exam period the library has started to become extremely busy. Many people have started to use Foss building as an alternative.

As it is now winter, the building has become very cold but the heating has not been turned on, making it almost as cold as the outside! I think everybody would appreciate it if the heating could kindly be turned on.

Thank you for submitting your idea, we really do value your feedback, however are unable to progress with this idea any further as the Foss building is due to be demolished imminently to make way for the re-development on the west campus, and as such services within the building have begun to be shut off. We will pass your concern onto University to ensure other buildings open 24 hours are sufficiently heated. Thanks!


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27/11/2017: Not Plausible

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