Sanitary Bins
Submitted by GEORGIA S.

It has come to my attention that not all the female or unisex toilet cubicles have sanitary bins. Often there are signs on individual toilets saying that a sanitary bin is provided in that singular cubical. This causes multiple issues including rushing in to a toilet not thinking you are on your period only to pull you knickers down to find you are. This is common for many women. If you are then in a toilet without a sanitary bin you either have to carry the waste out with you or worse (for the environment and university drainage system) flush it down the toilet.
Issues also arise if the toilet with a sanitary bin is out of order, felling like you have to publicly declare you are menstruating and if you rush to the loo presuming that like any other establishment sanitary bins will be provided in every cubical and find in fact they are not. I think this a basic need for female and unisex toilets and the fact it is not being met in such a large institution is shocking.

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18/05/2018: Completed

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