Sat, February 16, 2019 - 08:00

The current website is almost completely focused towards prospective students, with only a small few links at the bottom for current students. I believe clear semester time table and advertising for key careers events, social events and opportunities should take up the main space on the University website, as well as important contacts. It feels like current students are less important than prospective students to the University. Also, it means the website isn't at its most effective at conveying importation to current students. By having a more effective website for students it means less reminder emails by departments and careers are needed that tend to spam students' emails.

**UPDATE** 21/08/2018
I've had a reply from the University of Hull's Head of Digital Marketing:

“It’s really useful to get feedback such as this and certainly in the first instance with our digital transformation programme we have been working initially on focus with student recruitment/attraction and showcasing our research excellence both of which remain an iterative process. I would be interested to understand more in terms of whether the feedback is about accessing information for current students through the website or indeed if we had a user centred”

I am arranging a meeting with her in the next couple of weeks, so will update this idea further then.

by Osaro Otobo

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