Stationery Vending Machine
Submitted by NATHAN L.

I'd like to see the implementation of a stationery vending machine available on campus, preferably the library, that is 24/7 and well stocked with equipment needed for studying. The vending machine at the very least should be available during exam season to enable the undisturbed learning of students who may well have forgotten items at home that are necessary for study. The items i'd like to see stocked are: Highlighters, Staplers/Stapler refills, pens, pencils (possibly ones suitable for art, as well as all purpose pencils), erasers, rulers, post it notes and potentially calculators (scientific/normal).

I imagine that the benefit to students to be significant enough to necessitate the introduction of a vending machine, and with over 15,000 students at the university, should be financially viable for the university. The end result would be time saved for students, disasters averted and all night study sessions being well stocked.

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09/01/2018: Not Plausible

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