Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:22

Renovate the Larkin Conversation area on second floor so that students (especially those in the School of Arts) can use it as a study area. I.e. Tables, computers, chairs...

18/10/2018 - **COMPLETED**<br />
The Larkin Conversation Area has now been transformed over summer into a useable study space! Check out the pictures on my Facebook or go and visit yourself!<br />
<br />
24/07/2018 **UPDATE**<br />
Renovation work is still ongoing, but it's looking fantastic! I will update again once I have a confirmed completion date!<br />
<br />
25/06/2018 - **UPDATE**<br />
Larkin is currently undergoing redevelopment by the University - We will update again once the work is completed. We have been assured the work will be completed before the start of term in September.

by Isobel Hall

This would is an excellent idea, giving English students somewhere to work and focus on their subject.


18/10/2018: Completed

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