You might be thinking about your housing arrangements for the year ahead, landlords might even approach you about your plans, but remember there's always plenty of time to find a house.

Enjoy getting to know your current housemates and friends and don't feel rushed into making a decision. As you're entering a legally binding contract, you need to be sure you're happy with the people you're going to live with as well as the house itself.

The Advice Centre is here to support you with any housing issues including disputes, contracts, utility bills, rent arrears and more.

For more helpful tips and hints, download the Advice Centre Housing Booklet here .

  • Choose your housemates carefully. Remember you'll be living with them for at least a year.
  • Visit the property. What sounds good on paper might not be so good in real life. Have a look and ask about anything you're unsure of.
  • Read your contract carefully. The Advice Centre can check your tenancy agreement if there is anything you need assistance with.

Need further help? Contact the Advice Centre here.

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