Togetherall is an award-winning online service designed to help people get support, take control, and feel better. It is an online safe space to talk, share and gain support, 24/7. https://togetherall.com/en-gb/

Give Us a Shout

Give Us a Shout is the UK's first 24/7 text service, free on all major networks, for anyone who is struggling to cope, anywhere in the UK. It can provide immediate support and help, regardless of location. https://giveusashout.org/

Let's Talk Hull

Let's Talk Hull are a service that can help support you with depression, low mood, worry, anxiety & panic. They employ a team of trained and qualified staff, who in discussion with you, can identify which support will work best for you and your needs.

The support offered by Let's Talk is varied and includes counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Stress Control workshops. Contact them here or call 01482 247111 to arrange an appointment on campus.


Samaritans are a confidential charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide. Contact them here or email if you're in need of support.

The Crisis Team

The Crisis Team is a locally based mental health response for adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis. A GP or A&E medical professional can refer you or you can call them directly on 01482 301701.

Hull & East Yorkshire Mind

Hull & East Yorkshire Mind offers practical guidance on managing mental health and wellbeing whilst away from home and at university.

Visit Hull and East Yorkshire Mind here .

NHS Library

There is an NHS library of mental health apps that you may find useful, and also resources on Hull and East Yorkshire Mind and Let's Talk Hull . Where someone is exhibiting behaviour that is causing significant alarm and concern, we advise contacting the Mental Health Response Service that covers Hull and the East Riding on 01482 301701. If you are at home, please contact 999 or 111, or you may find this NHS Mental Health website useful.