Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an incredibly frightening experience – and can have profound effects, both physically and emotionally.

The most important thing to remember is that it wasn't your fault, no matter who commits it or where it happens.

Hull University Students' Union is committed to helping to provide support to victims through signposting to appropriate services and guiding anyone that asks for support.

Professionals are required to ask you if you would like to report the crime to the police. If the situation is an emergency call 999 to get police help ASAP. If it is a non-emergency call 101 and the police can arrange an officer to come and see you to make a statement.

Below is a list of some contacts and guidance you may choose to use:


The CASA Suite offers free support and practical help to anyone in the Humberside area who has experienced sexual violence and/or sexual abuse. It is completely confidential and personal information does not have to be given to receive help. They have a range of options, including a medical examination that can preserve evidence for future use in court if desired, immediate medical care provided by female medical examiners and support in going to the police.


HRCSAS offer free counselling services through trained counsellors who conduct one-to-one counselling sessions by appointment. They provide a drop in service on a Wednesday morning 10:00 – 13:00. They also have a helpline open Tuesdays and Thursdays between 13:00 – 16:00.


The Hull University Students' Union Advice Centre can offer free, confidential and impartial advice. Making an appointment with the Advice Centre does not mean that you have to report anything to the university, or risk being removed from your course for doing so.


Blue Door is a charitable service that provides support to anyone who has experienced sexual violence. During term time they provide an on campus drop in service on Fridays 12:30 – 2:30pm located in central hub on the first floor of student central. You can either contact Blue Door directly to book an appointment with them, get assistance from the health and wellbeing team to book with them or simply turn up to the drop in session without prior arrangement.

Another service that the Blue Door can offer is the use of 'Independent Sexual Violence Advisers' who provide support for those who have experienced rape, childhood sexual abuse or other sexual offences in the Humberside area. Their role is to ensure you received the help you need in the immediate aftermath and support long term recovery.

Blue Door is now holding virtual drop ins, which will be starting from Friday 4th December between 1pm and 3pm and will run every Friday afternoon thereafter (excluding 25th December and 1st January and may reduce over the summer holiday).

To refer yourself or a student, you simply need to fill in the form and send this to [email protected] Blue Door will then make their way through the referrals and make contact.

You can download the form here .


The University of Hull provide Mental Health advisers who offer a free, confidential and non-judgemental listening and advice service on campus. If you have experienced or are currently experiencing rape, sexual assault or domestic abuse you can contact them for an appointment. Details for booking appointments can be found here .

As well as offering direct support and signposting to additional help, a Mental Health Team Adviser can provide evidence for mitigating circumstances or exception circumstances if you choose.


Should you not wish to use local services, there are some national charities and services which can provide assistance for you:

Survivors UK

A support charity for male victims of rape and sexual abuse – Survivors UK are based primarily in London but do offer online guidance and signposting for people in the rest of the UK. Their services include counselling, legal support as well as group support.


A support charity for both men and women who can provide a variety of services – including online counselling and support/guidance via telephone if desired. Their services can include creative therapies and group support.

Victim Support

A charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime by providing free and confidential support to help you move beyond the impact of crime.

Specialist teams deliver tailored support to help people recover from the effects of crime and traumatic events. Support can be requested here .


An LGBT+ anti-violence charity specialising in sexual violence as well as hate crime and domestic abuse. Based primarily in London, Galop do offer support and guidance to members of LGBT+ community throughout the UK.

They specialise in support in reporting crimes to the police or answering questions about the criminal justice system. Reports can be made online here .

Revenge Porn Helpline

This service offers practical assistance in reporting and removing content online. Whilst they cannot guarantee removal of all images, their partnerships with internet industry partners allows them to minimise the reach, and some of the harm, caused by revenge pornography. They provide coaching and advice on how and when to gather evidence and approach the authorities but cannot undertake criminal investigations or report to the police on the victim's behalf.


The Student Disciplinary Regulations are on the University of Hull website .